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What we do

Our recent work

Using Machine Learning to identify good ICOs & scam detection.



- To collect unbiased information through manual research and automation
- Structure it in a common way
- Deploy auto-update current Token Price\ Amount, and as result we have real time values for Market Cap, Current ROI
- Establish DataBase connection to Data Studio
- Present in proper way of visualisation

Our results:

- Data collection: circa 2,400 ICOs
- 2,1 million data point - Interactive reports

Building Neural Networks to predict ROI of ICOs


ML Part: Forecast and Confidence

The table present current data as well as forecasted ROI and confidence level of the forecast
Methodology - we came a long way from binary classification is ROI will be positive or no to the combination of AdaBoost for probabilistic score and several regression algorithms
Used models:
- AdaBoost
- RandomForest Regressor
- Lasso Regression
Used metrics were enhanced by IBM Watson semantic analysis of Whitepapers.
Reduce bias by scam\copycat and outliers detection
Confidence level - determines as a weighted combination of the different models result as well as the fulfillment of the data for ICOs.

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